Davis High’s Girls Tennis Team Crushes Weber

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On September 11th, Davis High School’s very own Girls Tennis Team took yet another W. This time around the victory came from several hours battling against Weber high. The girls played incredibly well considering the circumstances.

The lineup for the team had been adjusted for the rest of the season just minutes before the first match began. The reason for this being that the #1 player on varsity, Kenzie Turley, had a severe back injury and to the despair of the rest of the team, had to terminate her place early as to not injure herself further.

The New varsity team now consists of Juliana Cooksey as #1 singles, Autumn Eaton as #2 singles, Mikaela Laws as #3 singles, Abby Dana and Sarah Major as #1 doubles, and Elle Dunyon with Elle Ferguson as #2 doubles.

Elle Dunyon gave her opinion on the matches outcomes by stating;

“Elle and I won 6-3, 6,0. I think that we did really well attacking the net player and I think I could work more on being patient and just trying to keep the ball in play”.

When asked about how the match went, and what they though they could improve on, the majority of the team had a similar response.

“My score was 8-1, I for sure need to work on my serves, and being more consistent with my shots” (Erika Wisden, JV)

Though the girls work very hard spending hours at a time working on footwork, strength training, technique, and a stronger mentality, they feel that they always have something to improve on.

“If you make mistakes, you have the opportunity to grow and learn from them. It gives you lots of experience for more matches and tournaments to come.” (Elle Ferguson)

Mistakes are an important part of the learning process for life in general. No mistakes, nothing to learn from and improve on right? The team has come to find that it can also be beneficial to learn from one another’s mistakes as well as their own. Mistakes don’t always have to be a negative thing, as they are what drive us to become a better and, hopefully one day, best version of ourselves.

Part of being a team means working with, learning from, and growing along side each other. Our DHS Girls tennis team has a phenomenal bond, friendship, and respect for each other that certainly shines through when playing matches, or just being around each other in general! They enjoy spending lunches together, laughing with one another, and even share a group message where they playfully mock one another (only when necessary of course). We hope the team can keep up the great work and we wish them the best of luck for the matches to come!