Davis’ Favorite Books


The students here at Davis have many amazing talents. Some sing, some do sports, some act. . . and some read.


For a long while now I have been interested in seeing what kind of books the students at Davis like to read. I interviewed a lot of students about romance, fantasy, and mystery novels. Here are the results:


Romance- Only 12 percent of the people I interviewed chose this genre. They said they liked it because it is simple but gripping at the same time, and they just love a good love story.


Mystery: 38 percent of the students of Davis said they preferred the mystery novels. The reason for this is because they like the feeling of suspense and not knowing how it will end or what will happen next.


Fantasy: Half of the people I talked to chose the fantasy genre. The classic good v evil with a good plot line and a nice adventure always gets them excited to read.


So if you ever want to grab a good book in the Davis High School library just take the stats in this story and search around a bit and see what you like. There are plenty of good books out there to read and the library is a good place to get them. It has a large variety of books for you to choose from.