Turnovers cost the Darts in Region Show Down


Turnovers costed darts a region loss against Fremont on Friday. “We need to clean up our little mistakes that cost us in the end” says Trey Baggett. Little mistakes become a significant deal breaker when it comes to winning the game.

A pivotal part in the game is the fumble on the one yard line which could’ve been a touchdown. Despite the fact that at one point the darts were down 14 points, Davis played their hardest all four quarters and didn’t give up. As a team, they were unified in playing the game.

In the end, the game was very exciting and kept the crowd on their feet. “at times, you can learn a lot through a loss, so here we are at the drawing board getting ready for our next game. Certainly, we are not discouraged” said coach Roundy. Hopefully we can take this loss and learn from our little mistakes so that we can win our next challenging games. Their next region game is next Friday at home against Weber and its senior night.