Gen Z Vs. Anxiety


How would you like to have the abililty to lower your anxiety this upcoming year? That would be amazing right? Well, that is completely possible, and in today’s article you can learn how this it’s done.

High School students’ anxiety levels have shot up significantly in the last decade. This has affected the lives of students all over the U.S..

The need for perfection is one of the many reasons the anxiety levels are so high as of late. Students feel that if they don’t have straight A’s or close to it, they are worthless, and have no chance at a future. This is the fault of many of the parents of students. Parents, naturally want their beloved kids to be perfect and happy. Yes, teens should try their best in everything they do. But it is crucial that teens understand, life isn’t over if you get one bad grade. One messed up essay, or math test, does not determine the track of your life.

Nobody specifically has caused this newfound, downward spiral, of anxiety. It has been the fault of a mixture of many people in our school systems including but not limited to, parents, teachers, and even the students themselves. Parents need to encourage their students to do their best, that is good for the students and it helps them move along. But, when (yes when)  a student messes up on an assignment. Parents need to remember that, as long as the student tried as hard as possible, they did their best. And scolding a student after they have works many hours on that project, will do nothing but frustrate and push large amounts of anxiety on the student.

When teachers give endless amounts of homework, they must remember that their students have 7 other classes along with this one.

A poll taken from the Davis High school students on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not anxious at all, and 10 being completely non-functional, and overwhelmed with anxiety. proved to show that a student overtaken with anxiety about homework, on average feels as anxious as an 8. A student anxiety stricken about school in general is 9. And a student anxious about life outside of school (work, sports, family life, etc.), is a 7.

Although these numbers are high, there are some specific things we can do to lower our anxieties.

1-Don’t procrastinate. When you procrastinate, you are setting yourself up for failure.

2-Don’t expect to be perfect all the time. More and more students are feeling as though they must be perfect in order to be successful, but that is an impossible feat. Nobody is perfect, and as long as you are doing your best, you are being successful.

3-Studies show that exercise and eating healthy are also good ideas that lower anxiety. Overall make sure you are leaving some time to do what you love. There is only so much time we have when we aren’t working or at school to become our own person.

4-Extracurricular activities, the friends we hang out with, and our hobbies are all important so each of us is able to take a break from the stresses of life.

With these tips and tricks to getting rid of anxiety, you can become a better student, and learn to live your life a little better. Fight the internal battle with anxiety, and find ways to enjoy the little things in life.