Some interesting sports outside of Davis

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January 7, 2019

Davis High School has a variety of different sports including, football, soccer, tennis, golf, wrestling, volleyball, baseball, swimming and many others. Even with as many sports as we have, there are some sports that students do that aren’t part of the school. Derek Hansen fly fishes, Isaac Whipple skateboards and surfs, Kyle Roberts snowboards, and Robin Nelson does gymnastics. 

Derek Hansen’s Uncle’s and Grandpa all fly fish so it wasn’t a surprise when he started to take lessons in 7th grade. His favorite thing about this sport is being out in nature. He catches and releases the fish he gets, so no fishes are harmed.  

Isaac Whipple skateboards as well as surfs.

“I thought it looked dope and so I just went for it.”

4 years ago Isaac started skateboarding and he kept at it because

“It’s fun.”

He loves the feeling he gets when he lands a trick. Isaac has also been surfing for 2 years, his family goes to California every year so that’s how he got into it. Although he’s been body surfing since he was “a little grum.”  

Kyle Roberts has been snowboarding for 3 years, he got into it from a friend and has loved it ever since. His favorite thing about snowboarding is feeling the wind in his face. Some of the tricks he can do are things like grabs off jumps and 180 and 360 rails. 

Robin Nelson has been doing gymnastics since the age of 7.

“If I’m having a bad day or I’m stressed about something, going to gymnastics just takes that all away and I leave happy.”

She loves being around friends that she’s had since she first started doing gymnastics.  

There is a number of sports that we have at Davis but also a number of sports we don’t have. Addressing these outside of school hobbies might spark some new interests in you. If you want to get into any of these things, the people we talked about might be some go people to go to for more advice and further information.