Night of Shakespeare Blows Audience away

Davis High’s Advanced Theater puts on a brillant show

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Goatally Awesome
January 7, 2019

Davis High’s Advanced Theater put on a fantastic show in the little theater last week. Everyone participating, from stage crew to the actors, was busy on the four nights they performed a Night of Shakespeare. Tickets were five dollars each, and they sold fast.

The scenes themselves were very well put together. Everything from monologues to group scenes to a stunning final improv performance were featured. In order to ensure that each night was a unique experience for the audience, Mr. Wright numbered 23 pieces of paper and drew from a hat to determine which scene would go next. This method kept the actors and actresses on their toes, and made it very entertaining for audience members to guess what would come next. The variety of scenes made the night particularly interesting. There were many comedy scenes that had the observers roaring with laughter, and quite a few intense, tragic scenes where you could feel the crowd holding its breath.

In the middle of her scene with Logan Jeppson, student Chloe Johnson asked her fellow actor to the Christmas dance on the last night. The audience was pleasantly surprised, along with Jeppson, when she broke character to ask him if he would go with her. A few of Johnson’s friends leaped out from behind the curtain, boasting signs and various Christmas themed items. After Jeppson gave an excited yes, they continued the scene as usual. The two have almost three months until the dance–plenty of time to get even closer and prepare for a great time.

Perhaps the most heart-warming moment of the entire performance was the end, when cast members met with friends and family who had come to support them. Each performer has evident respect and love for other people in the Advanced Theater group, as demonstrated by abundant hugs and congratulations. Although chaotic, the upbeat and caring attitude of almost everyone there was inspiring.

Overall, a “Night of Shakespeare” made it hard to believe that the kids in Davis Theater are actually high school students, and not professionals with years of acting experience. While some scenes were more polished than others, it was clear how much work and care had gone into the performance. Shakespeare was a must-see, so clear your calendars for next year!