Watts swats the competition

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Davis High volleyball took an L when losing one of their players, Olivia Watts. She has recently injured her ankle and is out for a while, but has been playing for Davis since ninth grade and has been playing ever since fifth grade. She is an outside hitter with motivation, spirit, hard work, and dedication to the team.

Olivia has been playing volleyball for seven years, and hopes to keep playing for some time. She wants to pursue her talents and goals to play in college and eventually pursue this as a career. She hopes to accomplish this dream through her daily practice with the team, except for the weekend. Before the team has a game they all say a prayer in the locker room together to help them out.

One of the things the team does that Olivia especially likes is when one of the team members gets an ace, everyone on the bench slides onto their stomach and yells ace! Some qualities Olivia sees in the team that help them win is that they are all full of energy, and enjoy themselves, leaving them in good moods that help them focus and perform well. An aspect they think they should work on is their abilities on offense and their speed.

Olivia has made it a goal in eighth grade to make it on the varsity team her freshman year, and she accomplished that.

Her words to younger athletes is to “get in the gym as much as possible and remember to always have fun.”

They hope to win state this year, and with hard work, and less injury, she thinks they have the talent and coaching to do so.