Holland: The Country Built on Water

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Holland aka the Netherlands is a country built primarily upon the sea. The settlers created large dikes to keep themselves out of the water creating large canals between lines of buildings and homes.

there’s mass and constant flooding everyday. That is when Hollands iconic windmills come into effect. When it floods windmills direct water through artificial canals that send the water back towards the ocean. To simply continue the never ending cycle that is the one single element keep the country of Holland above water and everybody in the nation safe and dry on the ‘land’.

The canals replace that roads in Holland and they are not wasted. The canals create work for many a water chauffeurs who bring couples and families on a serene rides through the cities of Holland to anywhere they’d like to go.

Because of the constant flooding the Netherlands holds many large and beautiful beaches throughout the country. Though the first language of the country is the Native “Dutch” the Dutch speak a mix of languages most popularly English and German since the Dutch and German languages are so closely related.

These points as well as many others is why Holland has become one of the most sought after vacation spots on the planet.