From Germany to Utah, how two foreign students are feeling about Davis

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January 7, 2019

As we all know, we live in the Kaysville bubble. Not a literal bubble but a figurative bubble. This means we are a very excluded or sheltered community. The major demographic of our city is white Mormon families. It is a big shock for many of us when you leave and explore the rest of the world. The world is a very big place with many different religions and ethnicity, all with different views and story’s to tell. It is always a mystery for how it is for an “outsider” to enter into the bubble.

This year Davis High has the opportunity to host many foreign students, two of them are from Germany. The crazy thing is they have never even met.

Lara Tauchmann is a senior. She is a member of the girls tennis team, who just won State this past Friday!

“I really like the religion here, like Mormons. In Germany you can drink alcohol at 16 and can drive at 18. I really like that you can drive here at 16 and that Mormons are really good people” said Lara when asked what her favorite thing about America was.

A big problem for many students wanting to become a foreign exchange student is the language barrier. You need to learn a whole new language, before you can even be considered as a candidate.

“To be open minded, so like to go to people and asking if they want to be friends with me or to get friends here. To speak English the whole time, to learn a language better” said Lara on the hardest thing(s) about being a exchange student.

Our other German friend is Oliver Zens. He is from Köln, Germany, a town 581 kilometers or about 361 miles away from Berlin.  He has quickly joined in all of Davis Highs festivities. He is a member of the Cross Country team, has gone to all of the home football games, reps all of the D-store merchandise, and even asked to Homecoming. He has more Davis High Pride then must locals and 3 year students.

“School (here) prepares you better for life than in Germany” said Oliver when asked what countries education system was better.

Oliver has said to before that his favorite things about Utah is how nice everyone here is. No one in Germany says “hi, how can I help you” when you enter a store. He was amazed at how we were all allowed to start driving at such a young age.