Why to not fear your first kiss?

Grace Barker

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Why to not fear your first kiss?

First kisses are a huge monumental moment in everybody’s high school experience. You probably remember where you were at the time, who you were kissing, and who initiated the kiss. There is a majority of high school students that have not had their first kiss yet. Some of their fears are:

“Will he or she think I’m a good kisser?

“I don’t know how to have a good first kiss.”

“What if its unexpected and my breath smells bad?”

“I have never kissed anyone.”

“I don’t know even know what to do.”

“How will I know he or she wants to kiss me?”

All of you that are thinking this, don’t stress it.  Settle in and hear some stories from fellow Davis High experience kissers.

“It was in ninth grade I went to a park and walked around and stuff. We stopped talking and turned towards each other. I could hear my friends voice in the back of my head saying lean right lean right, I ignored this and leaned left. Our noses smashed together. I said Uh-oh that’s not good and walked away” says Derek Hansen

“I was in eighth grade at a camp, there was a cute girl, we talked for a bit and next thing I knew, we were smooching.” Says Adam Johnson

“ I was on Tiffany Hall’s couch and all my friends forced me to cuddle with Marshall and they kept whispering in my ear “make you lips wet but not too wet” and I was freaking out then Marshall turned to me and asked if I like waffles or pancakes more and I said ummm pancakes and he said me too, so that means we should kiss then he grabbed my chin and kissed me and I stood up and ran upstairs and freaked out.” Says Jessie Winquist

So now you can see that there’s nothing to worry about or at least it can’t get worse than those first kiss stories. First kisses are exciting and nerve racking. Even if it is embarrassing it will make a good story. My advice I can give you is, bring a mint, look deeply in their eyes, follow you gut, relax, and just enjoy.