The comparisons in social media proves negative

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Many people in our society have social media and are constantly checking it. if you have social you know the struggle of spending hours on the discover page on Instagram. Instagram and Facebook is a platform to brag about your life and all the fun things you do in your life. after watching this you start to feel like your life does not live up to your friends and family that post about their fun vacation and cute friends and family. When people compare their lives to the lives of others portrayed on social media can be the thief of joy. It makes people feel like your life and the things you do are insignificant compared to others. The reality is everyone on social media is cat fishing each other. Cat-Fishing means to portray their lives as something very different to their actual life.

This daily comparison leads social media addicts to question: “is social media even worth having?” Why do people have social media when they know all its going to do is make yourself think others lives are better and make you compare yourself to others.

“Social media is a waste of time because we are living a superficial experience through the cloud.” Stated Grace Barker.

“Rather than view the mountains through your phone, you could actually feel the sensation of what it is like on top of a mountain.”

Grace encourages all social media users to take a fast for as long as you can, an hour, a day, a week. Studies show that  if you don’t look at your phone the first hour of the day you are 40% more effective during that day. It is clear that you will start to notice the true beauty of people and the things that surround us. If you are going to places just to post it on social media for clout, that is when it becomes a problem. Though there are benefits to social media. Do NOT let it govern your everyday life.