Ideal date: What women want

Grace Barker

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Ideal date: What women want

As a high school student the dating world is hard. There are so many components that go into a good date.

First, choose your victim. This victim has to be your same height or shorter because its always embarrassing when you are shorter than the girl, there are definitely exceptions but try and stick to that rule. Make sure they have some kind of sense of humor or else the date will be boring and bland.

Second, ask your victim to this well planned out date. This is a big part of the date because the whole event depends on their yes or no answer. Make sure it is in person. If it is over snap chat or text it means you don’t care or you are to awkward to call or talk to your victim. Be genuine but be moderately flirty. Make eye contact and smile.

Third, planning out a date that will impress this person of your choice. This is a true struggle because most of us have minimum wage paying job. And most ideal dates are pretty expensive. But there are other ways to obtain a perfect date without spending a majority of your paycheck.

“going to a lookout spot with the sunset and paint the sunset with your date is my ideal date.” says drill dancer Jamie Jessop.

For this date that most girls would truly enjoy it’d take $10 for the gas to drive up Farmington lookout, a canvas which is $5.15 for a three pack, and paints which is $2.50 at Walmart. All together this date would cost a total of $17.65.

” I would love to lay under the stars and just listen to music, that is my dream date.”says Baylee Baker.

The final step is one of the most important. DO NOT kiss her on the first date. Walk her to her door step. The whole night you should be a gentleman but this last gesture is important because its the last thing they will remember. Side hugs at this time is not excepted. A good hug will secure a next date. For this is what woman really want.