The Spooky Season Dance

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January 7, 2019
The Spooky Season Dance

This year and past years, Davis High School only has 4 school sponsored dances. This is a very low number, with schools around us having 5-6. The biggest dance to not be included is Halloween. The Halloween dance has been a staple in past school years. Couples would all go dressed up in costumes, often having a theme to there choices. With the long stretch in between the Homecoming dance and Christmas, Davis was in a desperate need of solution. Thankfully to the cheerleaders, we received one. Instead of waiting for the administration to add the dance back, they made there own.

This Saturday, the 13th of October, is the third annual Halloween Dance. It is at 37 North Buffalo Road Farmington and goes from 8pm-11pm! It is only $10 per person and is for all high schools in the area(Farmington, Viemont, Woodscross, etc.) but a school ID is required however. There is going to be a costume contest and a live DJ. They do warn to carpool due to limited parking.

In all it looks to be a lot of fun and a good time for all!