How to improve your grades!

Robin Nelson

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How to improve your grades!

In today’s society, the pressure to get good grades is so intense, many students crack and give up. Teachers, parents, and coaches are constantly piling on work and expect all of it to be done to perfection. In reality, perfection in all areas is unattainable. Students get discouraged, and the will to improve grades and overall work ethic falls. It seems crazy that some people can balance it all and still have straight A’s on their transcript!  

Let’s get something straight, every single person achieving straight A’s is pretty unrealistic. Some classes, for example AP or CE, are extremely difficult. Not everyone is going to get an A every class they take, and that’s ok. However, that does not mean that you can’t improve from where you currently are. There is always room for improvement in everything we do, especially when it comes to school. To improve in anything, you first have to actually want to improve. By this I mean you have to be willing to try. Improving your grades isn’t going to happen overnight, and you can’t let yourself give up. School is rough, especially high school. Try not to be discouraged and keep working hard to improve yourself and your grades. 

Determine where you want to improve the most and start there. Having an overall goal is great, but until you know exactly where you want to start, nothing will get done. Once you’ve figured out which class grade to start with, figure out what is keeping you from having the grade you want. Maybe you aren’t strong with assignments, maybe it’s quizzes, or maybe its tests. Whatever it is, pinpoint it. That weak spot is where you should start. Figure out what the pattern is that you do wrong each time so that you can change it. You can study harder in those areas or take practice quizzes or tests. Practice is key in improving at anything, so once you practice what you aren’t strong at you will grow and so will your grades. 

Improving all on your own is sometimes difficult. Know that asking for help is completely fine, and even encouraged. Teachers are happy to help students out when they have time. You can also find tutors easily. Most teachers have a list of people who are willing to tutor, especially math teachers. If you are willing to go out and find help, you can rise above where you are now. 

Improving your grades is not an unattainable act. Find where you need the most help and start there. Figure out patterns of what you’re doing wrong that brings down your grade. Don’t forget that asking for help is a great path too. Tutors and teachers are willing and able to help you understand and improve. Perfection is a ruse, so don’t get so caught up in being perfect. If you think about improving from where you are now, your grades will excel and will reflect that work.