Girls Soccer: Darts rush farther into the playoffs with upset over American Fork

Trevor Schwab

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With the away win against American Fork last Thursday, Davis has cemented itself as not only a contender in the coming games, but a contender to win it all by the end of the season. This win has came on the heels of an extremely successful season for Davis; a team that has come to be feared by many in the Utah girls soccer circuit. But how did Davis come out on top, and how will they continue to dominate the game?

In order to understand how our girls have continuously won games and taken names we need to look at their fast scoring strategies. In the majority of winning games, Davis has scored an equal or greater amount of points in the first half when compared to the second half. This has two main benefits that allow the team to continue to win, first it allows the team to score while their are in peak physical condition. A long soccer gain can have massive negative physical and physiological effects on players, and due to this it makes sense that Davis has been so successful.

By outscoring their opponents in the first half, it makes it so that the opposing team has to try and fight through their fatigue in order to catch up to Davis, something that often proves too difficult for even the most experienced teams. The second benefit is that it allows Davis to relax during the second half, so that players are better rested physically and mentally for the games ahead.

But lets move specifically into last Thursdays game where Zoe Jacobs and Allie Heath both scored in the first half to give Davis the 2-1 lead. Then, the defense kept the advantage in the second half as the Darts upset top-ranked American Fork to advance to the 6A semifinals.

Davis’ strategy, worked perfectly to their advantage in this game, as it proved too much to hand for the top ranked team. An upset like this means that Davis is officially on the radar for all remaining teams in the playoffs, but if they can continue to perform like this, then we should all expect a brand new trophy at Davis in a matter of no time.

The Darts play again Tuesday October 16th at Juan Diego against Layton at 6:00 in the State Semi-Finals