Best skiing in Utah


Are you looking for the best place to buy a season pass or even just go get a day pass? you will find which resorts have the best snow and what have the worst snow. To start off we have snow basin which is a very nice and great resort. they have lots of ski runs that are very fun and have different leveled runs, they have the standard beginner runs that are great if you are just learning how to ski or snowboard. The intermediate runs are also very fun and are pretty chill on your legs and some of the intermediate runs are pretty easy too so if you at least know how to ski or snowboard down a hill you could probably do the easier intermediate ones. for the advanced ones they are either very long or have lots of moguls which if you don’t know are little snow hills that are in a row and they are typically down steep hills and you have to know how to ride them or you will probably fall.  all in all, Snowbasin is a great resort and has great accommodations.

Also, Park city resort is amazing if you are in to free skiing or park skiing which is basically going through the terrain parks and doing tricks. They also have really great downhill places where you can go really fast down the mountain. snow bird is also a pretty great resort it is advanced and if you are just starting out I don not recommend it but if you already know how it is a very fun time. you may have heard of the sun-dance film festival, but did you know that they are also a ski resort up in sun dance? It is a very short season compared to the other resorts and don’t have as many runs as the other resorts but is pretty fun. There were some of the many resorts in Utah and all of the ones listed are very nice and very fun to ski!