Inside the Unfiltered ADD Mind

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This article is designed to let the reader take a jump, or more accurately a confused tumble through the convoluted mind of someone with the mental disorder known as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). ADD is mental disorder categorized under the vast title of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The main delineating factor being people with ADD lack the hyperactivity that causes the chaos people with ADHD are notoriously known for. Those with ADD’s chaos stays within they’re own mind typically causing them to constantly daydream and get distracted by they’re own thoughts even mid conversation. Until they are ignited by a stimulant like caffeine for example, then that chaos locked in their own heads is unleashed upon our delicate little world.

The chronic ADD mind we’ll be careening through today is none other than the Writer’s himself, Jaxon Tuft. He is medicated by a doctor prescribed ADD medication that typically keeps his head from wandering away, typically. The real trouble comes when it either wears off or runs out. The way I’ve described this condition makes people who have this disorder sounds psychopathic but that is no where near the case and is just for dramatic effect. This small taste of this phenomenon will come by way of a English paper with the reading prompt “Tattoos in the workplace”. The writer was unmedicated at the time and was supposed to argue a side. Without further ado or explanation let’s dive in.


Jaxon Tuft

Period: 3


Tattoo’s in the Workplace


I currently work at lagoon and have no quarrel with tattoo’s in a workplace, as my current boss has a quite a few on her arms. Not to say she has entire sleeves or anything but they’re quite large and noticeable. Though they are not vulgar or disturbing in any way. I believe they are like flowers and mushrooms and honey bees and the sort. Now this as you can tell is very informal thus far because I’m not following any particular structure, I’m speaking in the first person, and because all I’ve mentioned thus far is of an anecdotal experience I’ve had with the subject. The reason for these informalities has much to do with general desire (or lack thereof) to read long articles about something I do not care to read about. But mostly as it comes down to it, I am skeptical as to whether I’ll be graded based on merit or just participation. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’ll be the later.


I very much hope that my stated self awareness of the method of which I’ll be graded will not reflect negatively and make me an exception to the rule. Grading only me on my merit and giving everyone else an acceptance award for being alive so they know that they’re great, loved and exceptional at everything in every way. Actually I stand corrected I would love to be graded on my merit because if I am then I will improve as a writer and a human being and be assisted in the universal never ending struggle for greatness. While all my other comrades will be slowly wilted away with words of affection, always being told they’re good enough, that they are exception at everything till they’ve been melted and embraced to the point that they are clearly not exceptional at anything in anyway. Because now they’re all the same, mindless drones constantly seeking affection,  never receiving constructive criticism enabling them to progress as human beings toward any kind of excellence.


Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I do realize this article is quite the abnormality I’m sure. But the outliers in this world are the one’s who either drive humanity forward or drag it back down. It only depends on what side of history you chose to be on. They’re are ultimately four kinds of people in this world. The exceptionally terrible kind (ex. Hitler), Exceptionally good (ex. Jesus but that’s the best not the standard. Another example could be a war hero or Ghandi or something), and the unexceptionally bad (ex. Some dead beat alcoholic who abuses his wife or kids) or the unexceptionally good (upstanding good moral person who is to afraid to speak they’re mind or make a difference). What this life ultimately comes down to is which you choose to be. Then that will dictate what comes later.


To tie this paper back together in a nice little bow, yeah tattoos in the work place can be an annoyance at times I’m sure. But in the end who cares about writing prompts such as this one because they carry little importance and are generally extremely and utterly boring. This is how things truly ought to be. Things of high importance that are extremely interesting are of the upmost importance. Things that are of high importance that are boring need to be confronted and resolved. Things of low importance that are interesting and good should be focused on as a close third. Things of extremely low importance that are extremely uninteresting should rarely ever be touched. Yet I find myself trudging through these ones more than any others combined on a daily basis at school. This is the one true underlying reason that are school system is so deeply and foundationally flawed.


I’m sure lack of motivation as well as other factors contributed, but this was a pure example of how hard it can be to pay attention for long stretches of time. This kind of work would typical be started then abandoned due to the wandering nature, but in this instance the writer decided not to stop. This was the final result. Hopefully this article can be somewhat entertaining as well as an insight into the mind of a very natural yet very strange mental occurrence.