Making a change one pill at a time: Utah Youth Summit on Opioid Addiction

Trevor Schwab

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Friday October twelfth was the annual Utah Youth Summit on Opioid addiction, and no youth summit would be complete without a representative group from dear old Davis High School. Our very own Hope Squad traveled all the way down to the Vivint Smart home arena in order to not only learn more about the dire situation many Utahans and Americans find themselves in, but learn how to improve upon and one day possibly end our prescription drug problem.

The conference itself has been going on annually for quite some time, and each year continues to grow with more people and more special guests and entertainers every year. Celebrities such as Mark Whalburg not only endorse these conferences, but donate and help run these events after year, so that they may help make a difference. But the rich and famous aren’t the only ones attempting to make a difference, as the students and young activists that attend use the knowledge they gain so that they may spread what their passionate about to the world and hopefully make a difference in the lives of those effected by opioid addiction.

Kyle L., a member of the hope squad said; “People that take opioids could be putting themselves in danger, and this could lead to addiction and depression.”

Oftentimes peoples love of opioids, or in many cases dependence on them, is what causes the downward spiral into addiction that so many fear and so many live in. While people have encouraged differing forms of medication and pain management, thousands continue to depend a pill in order to live their lives. A pill that could one day end their ability to experience life as its meant to be experienced, a pill made from a flower that has ruled over so many. Yet there is hope, as conferences and meetings continue to expand the public knowledge available to those that wish to take a stand, many will make a difference, so that we all may live life free from a life made cloudy by the abuse of prescription opiates.