Practice ACT

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Goatally Awesome
January 7, 2019

This week Davis High school students took the practice ACT in order to prepare and raise their scores on the actual test. The day went well… blah… Student Lexie Puffer commented:

“The Practice ACT at DHS is a class you can sign up for when you take the ACT. I learned a lot of tips and tricks in the class and I improved my test score by 6 points just on the ACT practice test. The class has helped both myself and other students a lot with how to use our time wisely on the test and how to use certain tips and tricks. It has helped me feel more confident with what is going to be on the test.”

The ACT test, which used to stand for American College Testing, can be ley in determining a student’s future college or occupation. On the subject of advice to future students looking to take the practice ACT, Puffer continued:

“I would tell future students just to keep studying and practicing. Taking a bunch of practice tests have been very helpful and can help you improve your score and know what is to be expected on the actual test!”

If you can, make sure to attend the next practice ACT. It could dramatically improve your actual score!