The hype behind the Hypebeast

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January 7, 2019

The 21st century ushered in a whole new way of life. The internet is everywhere and is interweaved into everything, along these lines is fashion. Clothes are no longer just for warmth and protection, they are a statement.

With younger generations being raised up within the internet, being able to stand out is huge. That is where fashion comes to play. Wearing premium and designer clothes gets your self out there. Clothing companies are sensing this too, and changing to fit the younger generations style. Once classy and more down to the book brands like Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, now make loud and crazy clothes. Then there is Supreme “box logo” shirts going for $1000 on the internet.   They have high prices and hard to find availability, which causes a “hype” around the item.

Hypebeasts know all the drop dates of these clothes and are always ready to bounce on a available item. They buy and wear these clothes, post pictures on Instagram, and repeat. They make money however. When an item drops, if you can get it from the official site, the prices are not to bad. It is the resell value that hikes the prices up and due to the limited availability of the items, many have to turn towards reseller. Hypebeasts can be the resellers, making big turnovers on highly demanded items.

Here at Davis we have multiple Hypebeasts, Isaac Howard is known as one, He said he enjoys being a hype beast because,

“It’s fun. The clothes look good and they are comfy”

A big question a Hypebeast gets is what is there most expensive piece. This is a soft answer due to the fact that there can be vastly different prices for the same item. The drop price verses the resell can differ by hundreds of dollars, because of this, we also asked what the most they would be willing to spend on a single piece.

“The most expensive piece of clothing I own is a Supreme box logo hoodie. It depends on what the item is but probably nothing over a thousand”.

Being a Hypebeast is an expensive pass time but it also has big rewards. You do get some hate but that doesn’t matter when you are doing something you love to do. Go follow Isaac Instagram page @slchype for all the latest hype gear.