Do you feel like life’s got you down? Find out how you can help yourself.

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Do you feel like lifes got you down? Find out how you can help yourself.

Listen guys, the thing about life is you cant let what other people think control who you are and what you do. You gotta be you and be happy with yourself. People who recently have been attending therapy can honestly say it helps them be a more patient and appreciative person. You can never fix the things that are wrong with you until you realize you need fixing, and as soon as you realize that, you can help yourself change. You choose if you’re happy or sad or what you choose to put your time into or what you think about.

If you are thinking its easy to be sad and the reason you are sad is from other people or things then you need to stop and change the way you think because the truth of it is its just as easy to be happy and you choose if something or someone bugs you. The purpose of life is to find happiness and love, and everyone can get it. Just never give up, if things are bad in your life, they always always always get better. Studies show that the generation of the students attending high school have the highest rate of suicide than ever before in history.

Therapists give this simple advice to teenagers in need. “You control your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitudes, and actions, and no one can change that.”