LGBTQ community in Davis

Mikaela Ponce

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LGBTQ community in Davis

These days, people are very accepting of the LGBTQ community. However, they still face trials and societal danger. This is one person’s story of acceptance: 

Kadyn identifies as a transgender male, asexual, and aromantic. He became aware of it in eighth grade, came out to his friends in ninth grade, and came out to his family in tenth grade. He also began his transition in tenth grade. 

It takes a lot of courage to come out to your friends, but Kadyn said that wasn’t the worst part.

“Basically, the first day I came out to them they were totally supportive.”  

The hardest part, he says is

“Probably the fact that I can’t transition yet.”

Though it is extremely hard, Kadyn is honoring his parents’ wishes and waiting until he graduates to finish his transition. In the meantime, though, he cut his hair, updated his style, and has been doing other small things to look and feel more like himself.  

While he has anxiety around his peers, his worry isn’t about being judged.

“I wonder what they see me as, people who’ve never met me before. Do they see me as cis male? Or do they see me as a trans male? Or just a masculine woman? I don’t know.” 

The teachers at Davis have also been supportive.

“I emailed all of my teachers before school started and said ‘Hey, you guys should call me he/him and Kadyn’ and all of them were like ‘okay, sounds great.’” 

The Davis high TEA club has also been a helpful and welcoming group.

“I’ve met friends. There’s a lot of people that are a part of the community that I didn’t even know about until I went to that lunch.” 

Coming out and becoming yourself is extremely hard for anyone in the LGBTQ community and requires immense bravery. Kadyn’s advice for others just starting on this journey is:

“Hold on. I know that’s cliché, and everyone says that, but really it gets better. Also, don’t be afraid to be who you are, just be you.” 

Davis High hopes to continue to be a safe and inclusive space for the LGBTQ community.