Zoey Jacobs: Soccer Star

Robin Nelson

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Zoe Jacobs lives a life full of soccer, school, and passion. She has been an outstanding student to Davis over her high school career. Zoe has been a member of the Davis girls’ soccer team since her sophomore year. The soccer community paired with the many great teachers at Davis have influenced her life for the better.  

Soccer has been a part of Zoe’s life from the young age of four. She played for fun back then, but her intense passion started around the age of twelve.  

“I really started to care a lot about it when I was twelve, that was when I got more serious and my parents said if you’re gonna do this then you’ve got to be committed to it.” Zoe says. 

She has been playing for the Davis girls’ soccer team since her sophomore year. In fact, her proudest high school moment so far was winning the state championship that year. Her and the team were victorious against Fremont High that year, bringing Davis first place in state.  

Being a part of the community at Davis is a big part of Zoe’s life as well. She loves how big Davis is and how many opportunities it brings with classes to take and people to meet. 

“My favorite thing about Davis is how big it is, because there’s a lot of opportunities to meet a lot of new people, so I like that.” Zoe says. 

Many teachers here at Davis have impacted her life positively. Mr. Fahrenbach was Zoe’s medical anatomy teacher. She said that he was a great teacher and a great guy, and she really enjoyed his class. The other teacher who positively influenced her life was her sophomore English teacher. He is now retired, but he was a great teacher in her life. 

Zoe is active in school, soccer, and her social life. She continues to exercise her passion for soccer throughout high school. As for college, she is looking into going to BYU to further her education. Zoe Jacob’s future brings many bright things, and this school is lucky to have her.