What did people do this Halloween?

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As you all know Halloween was yesterday and students everywhere really got into the spirit of the spooky season. Weather you dressed up or not, everyone was excited for the fun times Halloween provides. I went around the school and asked teens if they dressed up, and if its a necessity to.

Jake Sampson along with Dax Pew say they did not dress up at all, along with a large portion of other students. But Shefton Berthold and Kylie Grant did dress up and found enjoyment from the hassle of dressing up. Shefton was the anime character Naruto, and Kylie was a lion. It seems to be that the older you get, the less people dress up, but some people don’t realize that its actually pretty fun to dress up, but at the same time it is also time consuming and maybe a little annoying.

A lot of these students that dressed up went to the Purge party at the Davis Conference Center in Layton. Almost everyone there was dressed up. There was a very long line to get into the venue and a lot of police officers waiting outside the front door. The reason there were so many cops was because earlier that day there was a shooting threat on the party by an anonymous person. Other students hung out at their houses with friends and family and didn’t go to crazy because it was still a school night. Whatever you did for Halloween, hopefully it was an amazing night that created new memories and had a fun time.