Disneys Newsies at Davis High

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January 7, 2019
Disneys Newsies at Davis High

This year Davis High School is putting on Disney’s legendary musical, NEWSIES. The cast was decided the first week of school, and have put hours on hours into making the set, memorizing lines and movements. Final rehearsals have just started, and the cast is working overtime finishing the final touches.

Due to the show being owned by Disney, this is a monumental production. Not just because of the massive excitement and anticipation around the show but also the price of just being able to do the show legally. The leasing of the show was a staggering 11,000 dollars. Although that is a very steep price, the pre-sales for the show have been overwhelming. For the 7 shows scheduled, the front center seats have all  been sold out.  The director of the show, Mr. Wright is even considering adding an 8th show.

“From what I’ve heard, we have sold more pre-sale tickets for this show, then any other show. It’s great!” said Mr. Wright about ticket sales leading up to the shows opening night.

This is Mr. Wright’s first show here at Davis High. Wright has been working hard all summer and now fall to by the best for the best school. When asked about how he has liked it being at Davis and how the production has been different here; he had this to say…

“My favorite part, hands down, is how excited have been to do it. We auditioned 70 students to be in the show and there are still now 70 students in the show. It’s remarkable; usually by now you’d have someone drop out. Seeing how excited they have been day in and day out they have been to do this show, that’s hands down the best part of it.”

Putting on a play is no easy task, especially in high school. Kids have work, homework, and many other activities outside of school. When asked about how stressful putting on a show was, he had a lot to say.

“More then you could ever imagine. It’s an incredible balance; you’d think it be just the acting, singing, and dancing but then there is the other side. Keeping the students happy, keeping the parents happy, and keeping the community happy. Then there’s keeping the company that sold us the rights happy and then keeping Disney happy. There is so many layers upon layers in doing a show like this. You are worried about the big things, like the students safety, is our set design faulty, is there going to be a hurt student or someone that’s not going to do something right, that’s not going to look good. It really is so multifaceted.”

NEWSIES is looking to be a massive success for the school and theater program. Whole families and groups are purchasing tickets in bulk. There is even representatives from Disney coming to see the show. It’s going to be a great time and is only $5 for students and $10 for adults.

For tickets visit dhsboxoffice.com