Davis Darts Year in Volleyball

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January 7, 2019

Davis High School’s Volleyball team has had their ups and downs this year. With many wins, and a few loses, we reflect back on this 2018-2019 Volleyball season. Davis played their best at every game they had. Going to state is always a goal. This year despite the Darts well fought games, we did not end up making it to state. This year Volleyballs team was fantastic, every year there is improvement, every year is different. I asked team members Emily Weeks and Eva Mecham about their experience on being a part of the team.

“I think we did really good. As a team we could have been better, but we were still really close to each other and worked well together. We started off the season rough but we got better and we became closer and better as the season continued. We improved the most on mental work, because all sports have the aspect of mentality. We got better at having the mind set in being more positive and wanting to be there and play volleyball really makes a difference on how you play. I improved the most on understanding the game better. I only played one position but our coach was really good at helping us learn all the positions. We all understand the game very well and I got good at noticing more things. My favorite thing about Volleyball has to be the friendships and just being able to know if I need help with anything they are there for me. Half the girls are math geniuses and I know if I need help they will be willing to help me.”- Eva Mecham

“I think we improved a lot on how we communicated with each other and  how we worked together as a team. I improved a lot on serving and getting to know new people. I’m going to be a senior next year so I’ll have more responsibility which is fun, and I like to plan things so I’m excited for next year. Our goal next year is to make it to state.”-Emily Weeks 

As we reflect back on this years volleyball team we have learned many new things and made new friendships that will last a life time. Other schools better watch out next year, Davis is gonna be one to put up a hard play.