March of Dimes

Grace Barker

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March of Dimes

March of dimes is a fundraiser that gives our community the opportunity to make a difference. One in ten babies are born prematurely. We can give their families the chance to find the tools and information needed for the health of their babies.

March of dimes was first started by president Franklin D. Roosevelt as a help for polio but as time went on it expanded to help the prevention of birth defects caused by premature births. In 2005, as premature birth became more of problem the March of Dimes main focus was research on the prevention of premature births.

In this last year, 90,000 families with a newborn in intensive care were offered comfort and information for their babies which later helped them to survive and to be able to live a normal life. These miracles happened due to all the donations they received. imagine how many more families they can help if you would donate, even if it is spare change it can make a difference.

This cause is even vital in our community.

according to environmental public health tracking, “9.4% of Davis county babies are born prematurely.”

This fundraiser even hits home for Davis High student Addison Spencer, “this fundraiser is important to me because my little brother was born prematurely.”

Us students can start donating and participating in this amazing fundraiser November 14th. This November is special because it will be the fourth annual World Premature Day. People will be carrying around baby bottles to collect spare change.

“As the adviser for FBLA, raising money for March of Dimes has opened my eyes to how many families are affected by the problem of premature babies.” says Mrs. Ward

FBLA every year partners with March of Dimes as a service partner. They have seen 15 million dollars and rising over the last 40 years. To get more involved in The March of Dimes fundraiser then go to

If you want to learn more about this cause or to hear some of the success stories that came from this fundraiser then go to We need your support!