Davis Marching Band Season Recap: the feud between American Fork and Davis continues


It would be difficult to find a more hardworking group of people than the Davis Marching Band. They have spent hours upon hours perfecting this year’s field show: Egyptus. They have performed it in various competitions and football matches, each performance better than the last. The Ancient Egyptian themed show takes inspiration (and music) from the DreamWorks film “The Prince of Egypt”. It captures the epic scope of the movie using sweeping music and multiple phases that change props and settings. The gargantuan amount of work really pays off, and everyone who helped create the show should be proud.

However, the field show wasn’t just created for fun and games. Every year, high schools across the state compete for the number one spot in a half-dozen invitationals. We have always done very well, but American Fork always pulls out the win. Unfortunately, this year was no different. It was a lot closer than previous years, and you can check out the full scores in the link below.


If you weren’t able to catch a performance, I highly recommend watching this recording. It lacks the majesty of the performances in the night, but it still is a sight to behold.