Thanksgiving Traditions

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January 7, 2019

It is almost the fourth Thursday of November; that means Thanksgiving is coming up! Thanksgiving is one of the oldest holidays in America, with the first celebration in 1621 held by the pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was later declared a national holiday on October 3, 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln.

Thanksgiving is the first celebration in the holiday season. Followed by Christmas and then New Years. Connor Finlinson, a junior here at Davis, had a lot to say about his Thanksgiving traditions:

“We eat turkey, ham, mashed potatoes. My mom makes cornbread stuffing and my great aunt makes these super good rolls. She uses 3 sticks of butter for each pan. After we eat we clean the tables off and have pie. We have every kind of pie imaginable ; apple, pumpkin, pecan, banana, lemon, and cherry. Then, we play thanksgiving bingo. My grandma has cards she made and buys a whole bunch of prizes. Once you get a bingo, you can go choice your prize. I always get the sour patch kids. That is only one of my thanksgiving dinners. I have 2 more. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I just love it so much.”

Thanksgiving is a very popular holiday in Utah, especially Davis county. With large families, it can be hard to see everyone. This “day of thanks”  is a good chance to catch up with everyone at a fun setting.

“We go to the shooting range, watch a movie, watch football. Eat a lot of food. It is just good time to alive. My family and I just hang out together and have a good time” said Dax Pew.

Thanksgiving is a fun eventful time, where you get to eat lots of food and be with family and/or friends. It brings distinct people together and close friends and family even closer. Just don’t bring up politics; and it will be a blast.