Why are teenagers drawn to name brand clothes?

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Why are teenagers drawn to name brand clothes?

A lot of kids these days wear name brand clothing such as vans, supreme, champion, and Nike. These name brands are normally more expensive than regular clothes, so why are kids so drawn to it? I went around the school and asked some students why they thought people would buy name brand clothes.

Jake Sampson, a varsity basketball player says “kids would wear them because celebrities wear them, or because kids think it will make them more popular.”

The thing is these clothes don’t make you cooler, they just make you look good. If you see someone else wearing a brand you are, it can be a conversation starter that leads to a friendship.

These brands to some kids are just something they find enjoyment out of wearing, either because they  are nice clothes or because they like the design. There is nothing wrong with wearing these clothes it is just a question on peoples minds as to why they are so popular.

If you decide to wear these clothes, all I ask is to not buy them for popularity, but to buy them because you like them. Nothing else matters as long as you like them.