Davis High’s “Melodic Masterpieces” exhibit

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For this past week the Davis High AP art studio class has had its own exhibit on display. “Melodic Masterpieces” displays the music inspired art the students created. The point of the exhibit is to show off the art of some of our own student body. I spoke with the AP art studio teacher Mrs. Ashbridge to get the full details of the exhibit. 


Why did you decide to have the art exhibit? 

This is our second annual exhibit, we did one last year for the AP and Honors classes. You know art work is to be shown and we do some great things and people in this school don’t always get to see it. It’s a great experience for the students; they get to choose the subject, they all create a piece of artwork based on the subject and then we get to put it up. It’s just a great way for the school to see what’s happening within the honors art classes and it’s a great opportunity for the AP students to see how an exhibit is curated, planned and executed.” 

How did you choose what pictures to put up? 

Every students picture went up. The students chose the subject and everybody in the class put in a suggestion and the class voted on one. This year we chose melodic masterpieces as our theme. So, everybody did a piece. Every student that did a piece had their art displayed.” 

How long will the exhibit be up? 

It’s coming down at the end of the week on Friday.” 

Do you hope to put more exhibits up in the future? 

We will have our end of year exhibit in May that will be for all of the art classes. It’s a really big exhibit that we usually have in the media center.” 

What do you want the students of Davis to get out of the exhibit? 

I want them to see the great artwork their fellow students are creating. Also, some students might realize ‘this could be a fun class to be in’ and decide to try the class out.” 


While the art exhibit will come down later today all of the art classes will continue to produce amazing artworks, some of which can be seen on display in the furthest north hallway. As mentioned before there will be another art exhibit later this year in May. It will display pieces of art from not just the honors classes but all the art classes. It is highly encouraged that you attend and see the art that the students of Davis are making.