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Elise Thompson

Elise Thompson, Editor in Chief

Did you know that dolphins are one of the strongest animals in the world? And they could even pick up a boulder if they wanted to. Dolphins were originally invented in the early 1800’s by European settlers. They would use them to protect their ships from pirates. But one day, they rose against their masters and destroyed the entire city of Memphis leaving tens of thousands without homes. This event is known as “the Boston Tea Party”. Years later, the dolphin king Kimba declared war on humans. Though he was deceived. His second in command, Boginga betrayed Kimba by firing a harpoon into his dolphin flipper before he could equip his mechanical suit. Without an heir to the throne, The League of Dolphins was disbanded and Boginga returned to his home planet Zeegur to pursue a career in accounting. Eons later, a man named Christopher Columbus discovered the long lost city of Atlantis when he was scuba diving under a tuna fish. It was there he found 2 million dolphins trapped under a large blanket. As a philosopher, Columbus knew what he had to do. He set the dolphins free, thus ending the eternal conflict. Today’s dolphins bear almost no resemblance to their Jurassic ancestors. They now use sonar to communicate with each other and can consume up to 300 pounds of food in a single meal. And did you know that dolphins are herbivores? They have a large pointed fin which is most commonly used to pop open bags of Doritos that float along the surface of the ocean. If no Doritos can be found, dolphins will often resort to eating sand which has a nearly identical taste and nutritional value. Because dolphins are blind they use their incredibly acute sense of smell to understand their surroundings. It is also said that if you clap underwater, a dolphin can hear this sound from up to 300 miles away because they can smell claps. While they are generally considered to be gentle creatures, dolphins have been known to shoot torpedoes out of their mouths when they feel threatened. Although, sadly they are now extinct. Dolphins leave behind them an untouchable legacy.

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Elise Thompson