The out of this world teacher, Mr. Merrill

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New year, new semester
January 17, 2019
The out of this world teacher, Mr. Merrill

Some of you may have a class that Mr. Merrill teaches, some of you might know him from the magic the gathering club, but do you really know him? let’s find out! he is the astronomy and the physics teacher, and he absolutely loves to teach those two subjects. he is also very good at teaching and explains things well he also does a lot to help students if they are struggling to get a good grade and gives them advice to help them out and to improve their grade. If you did not know he is also good at math (he teaches physics and astronomy) and has helped people with homework that is not even from his class.
He is a very generous and kind person but as he said during an interview he said,” it would be cool sitting in a lab researching stuff and discovering new things, but I think it is better to give back and share my knowledge of things to other people. so, he really loves to help people and watching them learn and grow as human beings.
Also, he doesn’t just teach school, he also has hobbies. He loves to play games like over watch and card games like magic the gathering. he also loves to spend time with his family and do fun things with them. You could probably find him looking at the stars and finding constellations and planet in the sky