New year, new semester


Isaac Howard

New years just passed, and it is time for a new semester. You may be behind in some classes to finish off this part of the year or you may just be going to class just because you have to ether way you are getting ready for the new semester. lots of students are exited for the new semester to switch up their schedule and do something different than what they have been doing for the past 3 months.
Some people have even finished some required credits so next semester they have a couple of home releases to go home and relax and catch up on some home work for other classes. But most students still have a full schedule to get all their required credits, and some people have done most of the required courses but have chosen to take college courses to get a head start to their college careers.
Lots of people make new year’s resolutions to achieve during the new year but many seem to fail and not go through with what they said. This year if your new year’s resolution is to do better in school you should follow through with that because this year you should be able to get good grades and turn stuff in on time.
Also, you should be prepared for anything in your classes next semester. I’ve personally had classes that I thought were going to be easy and turned out to be hard. Some hard classes sometime become the least of your concerns because you get caught up with a really hard class that sounded really easy.
All in all, you should be prepared for the challenges that the new year and the new semester bring. you should also look for opportunity that can benefit your future like taking some CE or AP classes, so you can be closer to your associates degree before you graduate. So, have a great year and meet your goals!