How to Fight Off Seasonal Sickness

Mackena Frandsen

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Its that time of year again, children are coughing and every other kid in your English class is slowly recovering from an unforgiving sinus infection.  These tips can help you stay healthy and feeling good during this season of ailments.

Devour a Plethora of Vitamins: Everyone’s immune systems will resemble a baby bird, weak and frail. So stocking up on vitamins such as vitamin C, which is found in oranges will be extremely beneficial.

Water! Water! Water!: Push aside sugary drinks and instead drink lots of water. This will keep you hydrated and feeling your best, which will be beneficial in fighting off potential illnesses.

Wash Your Hands, Kids!: Runny noses will cause many to use an excessive number of tissues and then touch everything from pencils, desks, or stair railings, make sure to constantly wash your hands after you blow your nose or cough if water and soap aren’t available then hand sanitizer will be most effective.

Get Plenty of Rest: An exhausted human is susceptible to disease, getting plenty of rest by going to bed early or not overtiring yourself will very helpful.

Wear a Coat!: I don’t know what it is but most high school students think that a thin jacket will suffice when it comes to twenty below weather, but at what cost? Yes carrying around a coat may be quite a nuisance but would you rather contract a fever or have to carry a coat to four class periods?

Eat Immune Boosting foods: Some foods that can help boost your immune system include, yogurt, oatmeal, carrots, brussel sprouts, chicken soup, garlic, mushrooms and even dark chocolate.

These tips will help keep you out of bed on those days when you can’t afford a sick day. Hope you enjoyed the tips, comment below if you have any others.