Good Burger? more like good movie

Isaac Whipple

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Good Burger? more like good movie

What do you get when you mix summer vacation, one crazy kid on roller blades, and one “too cool for school” boy who crashes his car? One delicious movie with one meaty plot.

Good Burger was released in the summer of 1997 on July 25. The movie was made by nickelodeon on a budget of 9 million dollars. The movie gained popularity quickly with its movie set to entertain the young kids with its good humor and saucy storyline. This movie is loved by many alike and many who grew up watching the silly movie.

“Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order?”  – Ed

Ed one of the main characters in the movie played by Kel Mitchell found his inspiration for his characters look through the lip-syncing duo Milli Vanilli. Kel went into the dressing room and found a dreadlock wig (which he wears in the movie) and thought of the iconic duo. Kel killed his part as Ed as the character is well loved and even liked to this day.

Kenan Thompson who played Dexter in the hit movie is also a good actor who made his character well-loved throughout generations. It is impressive how well they played their parts as they had thousands of pounds of real meat pounding into their nostrils.  The writer of the movie even experienced this problem as he played the owner of the restaurant in the movie.

As good as the burgers looked, they were in no way delicious as Elmer glue was used to keep the food looking fresh. But no matter how fake the burgers were this movie will be loved for generations as it is an instant nickelodeon classic. #imadude