Christmas Break relief!!!!

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Chaos of lunch
January 7, 2019
Christmas Break relief!!!!

Christmas break is starting today 12/20/18 here in Davis school district. Students are very excited to take a two week break from school.

About this time of year every year, students start to feel overwhelmed or overloaded, and this break is a perfect time for students to relief stress.

Students love this break so that they can spend time with their family, and hangout with friends. Not to mention the Christmas Holiday. Christmas is a great time of year to give and serve. It is a great time of year to get out of yourself and help others in need. That aren’t as fortunate as most of us.

Student in Utah also love to go skiing during this break. Utah is known to have,

“the best snow on earth”

So most students get together and go skiing all day every day, to get away from the world and have fun.

Lastly this break is a time to spend Christmas with family and follow family traditions. Some simple Christmas traditions that most families follow is A large family dinner Christmas eve. And get Christmas pajamas to sleep in. Build gingerbread houses, sit by the fire, make cookies, laugh and play games, and trade gifts with family members.

Those are just a few of the many great things about Christmas break and how it helps students get away from school and be relieved of all their responsibilities with school. and some ways that people spend it and some popular Christmas traditions.