Your own “Christmas Vacation”

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New year, new semester
January 17, 2019

Where are you going for Christmas break? you may be going to a different country of you may just be going to your Grandmas house down the street. in today’s article we will be going over the nicest and cheapest places you can go for Christmas break.

First place is California, it will be very, very, very crowed because California is a big hotpot for vacations because there is Disneyland and of course the beach along with many other things to do. if you don’t mind crowds and heavy traffic California would be a great vacation all though over Christmas it is very expensive airfare and for accommodations it’s pricey.
second place is Seattle, it would be a really nice place to go because it is not as popular as California or New York. it is right by the ocean and is a big city, there is a lot of things to do in Seattle such as sightseeing and there are also plenty of hiking trails and a big city to walk around in and explore. for the most part if you book your trip at the right time it should be cheap but if you put it off until the week you are supposed to go you will be paying for it.

Third, is Vancouver Canada, this is a fun place kind of like Utah where you can get up and go skiing and just explore the city. if you go to Vancouver you should go skiing at cypress mountain, because if you have ever been skiing in Utah it would be a good experience to ski somewhere that you not familiar with and the snow there is crazy good.
Fourth is just to stay home, if you have put off buying airline tickets or just do not want to go anywhere you should just stay in Utah, you can go skiing and most importantly you can just stay home and relax. you could also take a trip down to St. George where it is a little bit warmer and you also can take about a 2-hour car ride down to Vegas where it is even warmer. Vegas is also an affordable way to go as well because you can just drive, and it has many amenities and so much to do.