Insightful ways to wrap up the semester

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As we near the end of the 1st semester, students are challenged with many assignments in order to wrap up lessons and teach the required curriculum to all their students before the switch of teachers at the end of the term.

For the two weeks before the close of the term the entire school seems to be almost rushed, so don’t stress to much if the last to weeks seem to fly by, especially since we just came off break. Whatever you do near the end of the term be sure to check your grades and wrap up any loose ends before they become permanent.┬áStudent Raef Thomas says:

“throughout the term I do my best to maintain all A’s but at the end of the term I don’t always have as high a percentage as I would hope in certain classes, so I make an effort to communicate with my teachers and do whatever work it takes to pull the grades I want.”

Like most students at Davis High, Raef visits his teachers to improve. Unfortunately not all teachers allow this but be sure to be very kind to those who allow this and do your best to thank them for the help, because believe it or not they are under just as much stress, if not more, than most of their students.

The semester change is also a great opportunity to meet new friends in new classes and learn from new teachers. The switch also allows students to take new classes and learn new skills that can greatly benefit them.

Along with this students also leave teachers for other classes and friends may switch out of your classes as well. Before you make this switch it is a good gesture to thanks teachers for the time they spent with your class and make sure you leave on good terms.

Although the end of the semester is probably a stressful time for many, it is a great opportunity to take new classes and learn new subjects and skills. so make sure you make the most of the next two weeks and to wrap up the term with the grades you are hoping for.

For any schedule changing opportunities, or new classes information visit the counseling center