Entry-level jobs in the medical field


The medical field is full of professionals who help to benefit the community, also complete with salary. If you are interested in a medical career, and are confused on what each profession does, here is a list of some entry-level jobs with descriptions and duties.


-Also known as personal care aides, they work in the client’s home and help with daily activities of the sick, injured, elderly, or mentally disabled.

Duties: assist with basic needs such as bathing, grooming, and toileting, basic food preparation, mobility assistance, emotional support, transportation

Medical assistant

-they perform routine clinical tasks, and make sure the office is running smoothly.

Duties: updating and filing patients medical records, scheduling appointments, answering phones, billing and bookkeeping, filing insurance forms, record vital signs, explaining treatment procedures, preparing patients for examinations

CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant)

-their primary responsibility is to assist patients with daily activities.

Duties: bathing patients, taking vital signs, turning or repositioning bedridden patients, sanitizing patient areas

Dental Assistant

-they make patients as comfortable as possible, prepare them for treatment, and obtain dental records

Duties: prepare equipment, take x-rays, scheduling appointments, order dental supplies and materials

Emergency Medical Technician

respond to emergency calls and provide medical care to critically ill, and transport to facility.

Duties: maintain airway, treatment of shock, bandaging wounds, prehospital care

Pharmacy Technician

work with Pharmacists to prepare and give out prescriptions.

Duties: measure medication, take payments, mix medication, take prescriptions over the phone or in person


professionals who draw blood from patients

Duties: collect blood samples, label vials, transport samples to laboratory

Physical Therapist Assistant

work under direction of physical therapists

Duties: observe patients during therapy, help patients do specific exercises, treat patients, educate family and patient on therapy and treatment

Radiologic Technologist

perform examinations, or x-rays on patients

Duties: adjust imaging equipment, preparing patients for procedures, protect patient from unnecessary exposure, help evaluate images

Hopefully, you have some idea on these professions, and you can figure your interests.