Sophomore orientation welcomes new students to Davis

Sophomore orientation welcomes new students to Davis

As the seniors of DHS prepare to end their high school experience, another group is preparing to start theirs. On Monday, January 14, Davis High School held sophomore orientation, welcoming the incoming class to the school and showing them the opportunities available here at Davis High.

The commons area was alive with the sound of hundreds of students and their parents as they milled around talking to clubs and teachers about their schedules for next year.

Along with the incoming sophomores, a plethora of students were there to market a variety of clubs to the new students.

The students had a chance to meet new teachers as well as talk to their peers about extra-curricular activities such as DECA, Interact Club, and Robotics Club.

An assortment of free stuff was given to the incoming students as they visited with the different groups. T-shirts, candy, and cookies could be found around the commons.

Before the freshman entered the school, they had a brief meeting in the auditorium. During that time, they watched a video made by the student body officers.

It was a remarkably good turnout. Students flooded into the school in surprisingly large numbers.

The freshman rushed around in order to fill a ticket with stickers that they could get from every booth. These tickets, when filled with stickers, could be entered in a drawing to win a fizz gift card supposedly.

The freshman learned a lot about the classes that they can take next year, which will aid them as they fill out their registration.

Overall the event can be considered a success, as a considerable amount of the incoming freshman were able to learn from the graduating seniors.