Snowboarding VS. Skiing

Margaret Brown

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Snowboarding VS. Skiing

Utah is known for having the greatest snow on earth, so skiing and snowboarding is an obvious pastime that many students here at Davis High participate in. Skiing vs. snowboarding has been an ongoing competition to which is the superior snow sport.

A poll went around Davis High asking a group of students that skied or snowboard. A total of 300 students voted, and the results were astounding. 211 students prefer skiing while 89 prefer snowboarding. I wanted to get a closer look before any final decisions were made.

Jackson Nielson, a senior, claimed “i love to snowboard, but i will admit, skiing is a much safer and easier sport.” with that being said, Jackson recently broke his wrist, a very common injury of a snowboarder.

Another snowboarder, Jack Rigby, claimed “I agree that skiing is safer, but i love boarding and personally think its easier to learn how to snowboard opposed to skiing.”

Not many snowboarders go to Davis High so in interviewing, they were the minority while skiing was the majority. After talking to many skiers they all agreed on one thing, “Skiing is cleaner and cooler than snowboarding.”

Ethan Call claimed “Skiing will always be a classic, never will another sport pass it up.”

Both sports had a lot of support from students claiming they were the superior snow sport. Overall, the numbers showed that skiing was better, but everyone is entitled to which they prefer. One things both skiers and snowboarders can agree on, is that Utah will always have the greatest snow on earth.