Cara Smith: A Natural Leader

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Cara Smith is an amazing captain for the color guard and an innovative student. While many people may not realize it, she has worked very hard to be the head flag captain for her final year on the Davis High color guard team. Her efforts show in her performance on and off the guard floor.

Since joining the Davis team, Cara has voiced some insight on to how it has changed her for the better. The leadership experience she has gained from guard have helped her become a better manager and improve her managing skills.

As flag captain, Cara has overcome many challenges and responsibilities. Planning practices, loading floors, leading basics, and designing/teaching choreography are all part of taking on the role of captain. Cara says that if anybody else was in the spot she is, she would tell them:

“Don’t let people discourage themselves; tell them that you truly care about them.”

She helps her fellow team mates with difficult work by giving support and help where it is needed.

When she first started color guard back in St George, Cara was a very shy and reserved individual. Her friend “dragged” her to one of the practices, and that was when she started a journey that would spread all the way until now, her senior year. Her is an example of the influence color guard has had on her, “color guard in general has really made me blossom out”. Cara developed critical skills to become a confident and assertive leader for her team and for her lifestyle.