Summit: DHS Field Show 2019

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“Drum Major, is your band ready to perform?” Those are the last words before every field show performance begins for the Davis High band. The football stadium lights glare, the members get into opening set, the drum majors count off, and the music begins.

But as everybody knows, all great performances come with lots of preparation. And the first preparation for the 2019 band field show is learning the new theme. What’s the theme, you ask? Well here it is: Summit.

While the fall show won’t start until august, the band and color guard will start preparing early on. Last week, all the members were gathered in the band room to reveal their new show, Summit.

Even though nothing is permanent, the feature is said to be divided into 4 segments, called movements. Each movement will represent a different emotion or sequence in the show. Summit will be about climbing Mount Everest, and the four movements will reflect parts of the journey climbing the mountain, such as starting at base camp, beginning the climb, and reaching the peak of the mountain as the finale.

Auditions for this new field show won’t begin until the summer, when the basics are taught and simple parade tunes perfected. Summer training and a yearly band camp will make sure the band is ready for the show after the parades and summer season end. The Summit theme holds promise for a spot in the top for this band season.