Color guard: a sport of the Arts

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One of the most hardworking, yet underrated teams at Davis High is the color guard. They have two seasons of competitive performing per year, one in fall and one in the winter. They perform with the band during parades and field show, but separate during winter to create their own exclusive color guard show.

This year, there are 14 members on the winter team. There are five members on saber: Ben Clawson, Candee Derbidge, Carmen Pectol, Jaden Sparrow, and Kennedi Morris. The rifle section includes Lexie Snell, Lindsey Haderlie, Natalie Shunn, Baylee Lemperle, and Bayley Warnick. The members that specialize in flag are Cara Smith, Hailey Pantle, Christina Lopez, and Reilly Pankoski.

Ben Clawson shares some insight on what Davis High should know about the guard: “I think that people should know that we are a pretty welcoming group and even though what we do is pretty hard almost anyone can learn.”

All of the team members have shared that they wish the team had more representation from the school as an actual, competitive sports team. The term color guard falls under the definition of “a sport of the arts”. This means they train like a sports team would but they also perform more closely to a fine art. While the guard competes using a show performance, the activity still falls under the qualifications of being a sports team.