The One and Only “Twitch”

Margaret Brown

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Max Barnett, better known as Twitch, is Davis Highs very own comedian! Max adds a lot of fun and humor into any class he is in.

“At Davis, making people laugh is what I love most.” states Max.

Some may wonder, where did the nickname “Twitch” come from? Back in 7th grade when he started wrestling, Mr. Pozzouli, a coach at Kaysville Junior High, noticed Max’s ticks caused by Tourette’s Syndrome and called him “Twitch”. The name stuck, and he goes by it to this day.

Wrestling has been a major part of Max’s life since 7th grade. This was his last year wrestling for Davis, and he ended the season off with a bang. Max took 6th in region and 10th in state. Wrestling is a very time consuming sport, with practices everyday after school, matches during the week, and many weekends taken up by tournaments. Max kept up with his school work by doing some homework during the tournaments. Max states “It was worth it just so I was able to do what I love.”

Outside of wrestling and school, he has many other interests. The big four are hunting, guns, lifting, and hanging out with his friends. He has only recently become a hunter, but it has him hooked! He spent this last hunting season hunting every weekend. Game birds are his favorite thing to hunt, but will go for other animals in order to bond with his brother and his friends. He wants to get into it more though, and has a hog hunt senior trip planned, and has applied for tags as well. Max has been fascinated with guns (not in a creepy way) for two years now, and he has big plans for his collection. He has two guns as of now but has plans of “getting well over ten times that many”. Though many are against his hobbies, he remains invested and always will be.

Max spends around 12 hours a week lifting weights now, but he hasn’t always been into gym. Max has struggled with being overweight his whole life, so he decided to change that. Within a few months, Max lost 45 pounds and went from 190 lbs to 145 lbs. He wants to get into power lifting when he is older, but as for now he is more focused on getting to a point where he feels good about his body.

From being a singer in a band, pranks, hanging out, and campouts, Max spends a lot of time with his friends. He has quite a lot, and he tries to be a friend to all, but Jonny West is his best friend.  He has been for years, and he told me that they “will be friends forever”.

As you can tell, Max is an awesome guy! If you see him around, you should definitely say hello.