Denmark: The happiest country on earth

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European Life
May 28, 2019
Denmark: The happiest country on earth

Denmark is widely considered the happiest place on earth. This has been tried over and over again, and the facts are generally the same! People who live in Denmark say they are the happiest for these reasons…

People are very welcoming and ready to talk to anyone who comes their way, they all look out for each other, and there is little to no poverty! There is no poverty because education and healthcare is free. They live in a socialist government, which means there is basically no one that is better than another person, besides of course, their leaders and royalty.

Denmark is also a very flat country and is considered one of the best for biking, because it is so flat. It is also one of the cleanest countries in the world. The harbor is so clean that people can swim in it and not have any problems. Denmark is also so small that you can never be farther than 1 hour from the ocean.

Some other cool facts about Denmark is that, from 1880 to 1920, roughly 10 percent of Denmark’s population emigrated to the US. My great grandparents were apart of that 10 percent. This is cool because I just got called on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Copenhagen Denmark! I leave June 26th and I am speaking Danish! I am so excited to learn so much more about Denmark!