European Life

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I recently had the opportunity to go to London and Denmark with my parents. There are a lot of cool things I noticed that are pretty contrary to things we do here in the states.

When we  left the U.S. we stopped in New York because we had a layover. We then had another six and a half hour flight to London. When we got there we were very tired from our flight and our body clocks were off because it was 6:00 in the morning when we got there. But that didn’t stop us from touring the city.

I was amazed at all the architecture because a lot of it was very old and Victorian era buildings. I was also shocked by how clean the city was compared to some of our big cities here in the states. I also noticed this in Copenhagen, Denmark, but even more so. It seemed like they took the time to care for their cities and streets and make sure all of it was clean and welcoming in a sense.

The second thing I noticed was portion sizes with food. They eat a lot less than we do, and it shows. I noticed how there were considerably less obese people. It also seemed like the food all over the place was more clean and healthy. In grocery stores, convenience stores and just anywhere you can get snacks or food, there is way less sugary products and more healthy options.

But most of all it was a great experience to see how different they live than we do. I am serving an LDS mission in Denmark in June, and it made me so much more excited. I truly can’t wait to get back to Denmark.