Effects of Social Media

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European Life
May 28, 2019

In today’s world, social media is one of our biggest forms of communication and entertainment, but has anyone really thought of the side effects of constantly being in a digital world of measuring up to other people and constantly comparing.

Social media is often a place where people only share the good side of things. A lot of the time when people post things on social media they are looking for likes and comments on their posts. This has been proven to raise endorphins and give a temporary rush of happiness or adrenaline. This is why when people are away from their phones, they feel a sense of withdrawal and can even have symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Social media is also a place where a lot of negative can be. People feel a sense of security when they are behind a phone screen or computer screen. This is why people will comment or post nasty things that tear others down and make people feel not good enough.

Social media is also taking away our basic ways of communication in person. We are not branching out as much and having face to face human interaction. This is not teaching the younger generation of kids how to talk with others and read emotions because often times, you can not see emotions through the other end of the screen.