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Spotlight on Lucy Gray Baird

Lucy Gray Baird is a fictional character from the Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes book and movie. She is the main female role and is played by Rachel Zegler in the new film. She is a young girl who gets reaped into the 10th annual hunger games. She is mentored by Corionalus Snow and eventually becomes the winner.


Lucy Gray’s background

Lucy Gray is a 16-year-old girl from District 12. She is part of a traveling music group called the Covey. The Covey are her family and closest friends. Both of her parents passed away so her only family is the Covey. Each member of the Covey is named after a song, and a color. For example, her cousin Maude Ivory and ex-boyfriend Billy Taupe. Lucy Gray has an extra special name because she got it from a song called Lucy Gray. The song is about a ghost girl and is a mystery. The Covey was a traveling group and didn’t stay anywhere for long. Until one day they stumbled into the borders of District 12 and were never allowed to leave.

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Lucy Gray was previously dating Billy Taupe before the reaping. She found out he was cheating on her with the mayor’s daughter, Mayfair. Billy Taupe made a bet that he could have them both. Mayfair found out about this bet and had her father call Lucy Gray’s name at the reaping. As Lucy Gray was walking up to the stage, she dropped a small snake down Mayfair’s dress. Mayfair shrieked in fear and her father slapped Lucy Gray in the face. She reached the stage, and started to sing. Her voice was angelic and the lyrics were meaningful. She sang about how nothing you could take from her was ever worth keeping in the first place. This was broadcast throughout Panem and the Capitol. This immediately gave Lucy Gray publicity, whether it was good or bad, people knew her.



Lucy Gray was paired with Coriolanus as her mentor. He needed the Plinth Prize and wanted to make a good first impression. He showed a special interest in Lucy Gray unlike any of the other mentors. He and Lucy Gray formed a genuine relationship and started to fall for each other. Lucy Gray trusted him and knew that he would do whatever it took for her to win. They ended up cheating in the games because Coriolanus gave her rat poison. She did things she wasn’t proud of in order to survive.


Lucy Gray and Coriolanus started to grow feelings for each other. He would bring her food and treated her as an equal rather than District scum. They had deep conversations and shared secrets with one another. They grew fond of each other and really wished they had met under different circumstances. The night before the games, when they had to say goodbye, Coriolanus kissed Lucy Gray and hugged her tightly. Their goodbye was heartfelt and sincere. They didn’t know if they would ever see each other again.


The Games

Lucy Gray spent most of her time strategically hiding from the other tributes. She would resurface every once in a while, so that Coriolanus could send her food and water that was sent from sponsors in the Capitol. She would quickly return to hiding and wait for the other tributes to kill everyone off. She was not violent. She was kind and gentle. She hated the games and the idea of having to kill someone. She trusted her District 12 male tribute Jessup. They hid together until he tried to kill her from hallucination. He was bitten by a bat on the way to the Capitol and got rabies. He went crazy and tried to kill her. Coriolanus realized it was rabies and had Jessup’s mentor send in water to scare him. He fell off a platform in fear and died.


She won the games after Coriolanus snuck a handkerchief with her scent into a tank of snakes that was about to be dropped into the arena. When the snakes were dropped, they killed everyone in sight. Lucy Gray began to sing, and it looked as if she was calming the snakes with her voice. She had no idea what Coriolanus had done to help her. She kept singing until Coriolanus was able to convince the head game maker to let her out of the arena.


After the Games

Lucy Gray was sent directly back to District 12. She was given some money and was sent on her way. She returned to the Covey and resumed her normal life. Coriolanus was sentenced to 20 years as a peacekeeper and was sent to District 12. On one of his weekends, he and his new friends went to the Hob. A local bar/club in District 12. The Covey was performing and none other than Lucy Gray came twirling on stage with her guitar. She began to sing the song she sang at the reaping. She made eye contact with Coriolanus and stumbled on her words. Neither of them could believe that they were alive and well. It was the greatest moment for them both.


They reunited and continued their love. After a tragic incident, Lucy Gray felt like she had to run away. Coriolanus decided to go with her. As they were on their journey, Coriolanus revealed that he had killed 3 people and that made Lucy Gray spiral. She got scared and ran off. This

caused Coriolanus to go crazy and try to kill her. She ran into the woods and was never seen again. Her song “the hanging tree” was the last thing Coriolanus ever heard from her.


Lucy Gray is a mystery. No one knows where she disappeared to or what her identity is. She was kind, and a symbol of hope for many people. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She was humble and loving. She cared for Coriolanus and the Covey. She had the voice of a songbird and was well spoken. She is a lovely character that many people can find ways to relate with her

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